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The Operation Assessment is a service designed to provide our clients with an objective analysis of their current warehouse or distribution operation and to identify potential opportunities for improvement.

Targeted at the leadership within a client organization, it may be performed as a stand alone activity to benchmark an operation or may be used to set the stage for significant change.
Key components of an Operation Assessment include:

Layout Review / Material Flow Analysis

  • Process Review / Best Practice Evaluation

  • Information System Review / Gap Analysis

  • Storage / Product Slotting Analysis

  • Labor / Process Cycle Time Assessment

  • Space Analysis / Capacity Assessment

At the conclusion of the Operation Assessment, the client receives a formal report containing six primary deliverables. Each of these formal deliverables focuses on one of six critical measurements within a warehouse or distribution center:

  • Best Practice Scorecard

  • Productivity Index

  • Product Slotting Evaluation Matrix

  • IS Gap Analysis Report

  • Material Flow Schematic

  • % Capacity Calculations

In addition to the formal deliverables listed above, each client also receives two lists outlining opportunities for improvement based on their specific assessment results:

Low cost tactical actions that can be implemented immediately ('low hanging fruit')
Longer term or more capital intensive opportunities for improvement (these opportunities may
be more strategic in nature or may require more detailed analysis)

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