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Storage Analysis / Space Optimization for Warehouses and Distribution Centers


The purpose of a distribution center Storage Analysis project is to define the most appropriate storage media and layout configuration based on the physical characteristics, storage requirements and activity profile for a given set of SKUs.

Physical Characteristics

  • Storage Unit of Measure

  • Dimensional Data

  • Special Handling Requirements

Storage Requirements

  • Receiving Unit of Measure

  • On Hand Inventory (units)

  • On Hand Inventory (cu.ft.)

Activity Profiles

  • Picking Unit of Measure

  • Transactional Activity

  • Volumetrics (cube movement)

Typically, three factors are considered when evaluating alternative storage concepts space utilization, equipment cost (both storage and mobile equipment) and labor efficiency. Often these factors will be in direct conflict with one another. A sound analysis that considers both economics (ROI) and qualitative factors (ergonomics, flexibility, scalability ) is necessary to identify the most appropriate solution.

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