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Forms Design, Workflow & Processing.

Preview provides expert services for forms design, workflow, processing and solutions. As a bureau, we can process your forms and capture data more efficiently and reliably using our state-of-the art software and services. We even do handwriting recognition! And as an expert supplier, we can set you up with your own processing software and hardware.

Forms Processing works particularly well with questionnaires, surveys, application forms, exam papers and any other documentation that is reasonably uniform.

Using specialist software that can guarantee the speed and accuracy of data collation and integration, Preview offers a means of capturing data from forms that represents a significant improvement on manual data entry systems.

Preview can provide you:

  • Forms design consultancy - optimising your forms for efficiency

  • Workflow design consultancy - efficiency & accuracy process design

  • Mailroom Outsource - we receive your forms, process the data and submit to your systems - fast, cost effective, large capacity.

  • Data Processing - electronic or manual data capture

  • Form Processing solutions - custom or off-the-shelf software solutions to match your workflow, compliance and budget

Preview develops solutions and supplies and supports Teleform:-

  • ensures data integrity

  • recognises any combination of hand-written and machine printed characters such as ticks, crosses, bar codes etc

  • integrates easily with other computer applications such as spreadsheets, databases and word processing.

Both the bureau service and the installed solution will enable your business to process and retrieve forms more efficiently more quickly with greater accuracy. We can even help with the design of your forms for best results, based on our years’ of experience.

If your objective is 100% accuracy, we can even provide manual data capture services at very competitive prices.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide advice on the best solution to meet your needs!

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If you have any questions, one of our documentation experts will be happy to help you.

Please call us on (03) 9303 3717, or Request More Information online.

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