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GSCMS offers an extensive range of consulting services to assist our clients in achieving the best result from their Information and Communications Technology investment.
As a vendor independent service provider, GSCMS clients can expect unbiased advice from a team of experienced IT professionals. An indication of the IT Consulting & Design services GSCMS offers includes:

  • Network Design & Implementation - Network infrastructure design, testing and installation.

  • IT Strategic Planning - IT strategy development to enable an organisations business plans, and properly cater for future changes.

  • Network Reviews & Audits - To ensure the best results are being achieved from current ITC infrastructure and to identify new technologies and approaches that might be of business advantage.

  • IT Security Reviews & Audits - Prevent attacks where possible; detect attacks when attempted; recover from attacks that succeed.

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning - To ensure an organisations ability to resume all necessary business functions within reasonable timeframes and with minimal economic loss, strategic impact or damage to reputation and operational activities.

  • Business IT Relocations - Reduce the effort and distraction required to both plan and execute a move by using experienced relocation project managers with template plans and checklists.

  • Software Compliance Audits - To inventory installed software, confirm current licence levels with relevant vendors and to develop a Compliance Plan to achieve and maintain compliance.

  • SOE Development - Standard Operating Environment design and rollout for workstations, servers and IT devices.

  • Software Selection and Custom Development - To identify and compare alternative software package solutions that need to be tailored to organisations specific needs. To develop custom software when a package solution does not exist or is too inflexible.

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